Bracket: free time calendar agenda by Vanadis

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promo-banner-bracket-recorte-webBracket’s clean and simple interface gives you a great overview of your upcoming events and helps you to easily find your free time.


Flat and sleek design, with a perfect integration into iOS 7 aesthetics, and new approach to typical calendar user interface with its horizontal and vertical slider views. Check our twist to calendar apps, focusing on free time instead of appointments.



Designed for iOS 7, Bracket conveniently shows the amount of free time available between meetings. Tapping on the brackets of free time allows new plans, events or appointments to be added instantaneously.

Bracket helps you to easily find and manage your free time with its clean and simple interface that offers an overview of upcoming events and free time. The app shows the events & free time on a straightforward timeline.

Browsing through dates in Bracket is effortless with the week slider and the month view. Both include a shortcut to jump back and see today’s events.

Bracket provides a fast way to schedule a new meeting with colleagues. By selecting their calendars, Bracket can find and show when free time coincides. The app syncs with all calendars that the iPhone supports: iCloud, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and AOL.

Multi Language Support

The app is currently available in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.


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